12 thoughts on “My Canon s100 Review

  1. Jenn@pencil drawing

    I have a small A470 camera but it does the job.
    I’m really satisfied with Canon’s cameras they really deliver what you pay for and more. About the s100, I absolutely love the high speed mode! The normal video quality is also astonishing and it makes you wonder if you bought a photo camera or a video camera. Really impressed & thanks for review !


  2. Cindy

    nice review, i haven’t heard about the s100 model until now. It seems to be a great camera, although i think for a little more money you can buy an entry-level DSLR which is pretty much better if somebody wants into photography.


  3. Kent@London bars pubs clubs

    The standard video shot at 1080p of you walking across your office floor shows me this camera isn’t worth messing with. I too was thinking about dropping my camera in favour of the iPhone 4 but as you can see Apple are slightly behind on this one.

    Maybe the iPhone 5 or 6 will be able to complete!


  4. Kathryn Brown@Pencil Portraits From Photos

    I posted a comment on the post you shared, but I’m not sure if you check that, so I’ll post here as well.

    I am impressed with how good the closeups are of the printer. I need a good digital camera that can take close-ups for my artwork and artwork I see at fairs. Do you still recommend this camera a year later?

    Kathryn Brown


  5. Camera Pictures

    This is a Digital Camera bro . This would be not good if we compare this with DSLR cameras but yeah am agree this camera is superb by Lens quality.


    Matt McGuire Reply:

    Ummm, a DSLR is also a “Digital Camera”.


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