Vista Del Lago vs Lincoln

Vista Del Lago Lincoln Scrimage

Below are the images from the 2012 Vista Del Lago’s Scrimmage at Lincoln High School.  Click on the image to see a larger version.


2012-Vista-Del-Lago-VS-Union-Mine-Varsity-Football 031

2012 Vista Del Lago vs Union Mine

Here are the photo from the Vista Del Lago vs Union Mine varsity football game. ksa;ldaks






football4 001

Galt 1024


Galt Version 2


Vista Del Lago Football vs Galt

An Intro to Aperture

If you are new to photography there are a couple of concepts you must learn.  Aperture is one of those concepts.  If you con’t understand the basics behind shutter speed, aperture, and ISO not much else will make sense in the world of photography.  I wrote up a tutorial on Aperture.  This is written with the beginner in mind.

Click here for the tutorial:  Aperture – A beginner’s Guide.

Canon 5D Mark III

When will the Canon 5D Mark III be released?  That is a question I have been wondering about and reading about for a year now.  The photography forums are a buzz with guesses, rumors, and a lot of misinformation.  No one really knows when or if this camera will be released.  The Canon 5D Mark II was released in 2008 so it’s time for an update, but when?

I am looking to add a full-frame camera to my lineup, but I will probably wait until the 5D III comes out.  I don’t “need” full-frame right now and I am still saving for it.  I would hate to buy the 5D Mark II now and miss out on some of the features of a new body. Some of the rumored specs include:

  • 24MP
  • Pro grade AF (not 7D like)
  • 2 stops better ISO than 5D mk II
  • Digic V
  • 6 fps
  • New video codec, not Raw. MPEG 4:2:2
  • New video functions such as tracking focus in video mode
  • Compact body with improved weather sealed
  • Same introduction price as the predecessor

Some rumors have said that the sensor will only be 18MP.  Either way though I will probably purchase the new camera.  I already have a Canon 7D for my sports shooting.  I am looking to add a full-frame to take advantage of the additional field of view and increase my low light capabilities.  Both goals should be met with a new body.

Many people agree that the Canon 5D Mark III will be out sometime in 2012.  Possibly by Photokina, but again no one really knows.  There are even rumors of a name change and the new Canon 5D Mark III will actually be released under the name Canon 6D or Canon 3D.

By adding a full-frame camera to my bag of tools I will then be using the 7D and 5D as my main DSLR.  Then for my compact camera I am using the Canon s95.  If I don’t have that with me I will fall back to my iPhone 4s.  With the right lens collection for my DSLRs I should be ready for any photo shoot.

New photography related project

I am starting a new photography project.  It’s a new blog on a new site aimed at educating other’s about photography.  My goal is to make a better resource for people just learning about photography.  The site will be completely free to use.

It will take a while to write the tutorials, but in the mean time I want to try an improve the sites rankings and that is where you come in.  If you have a photography related site and are willing to put a link in a single blog post to my new site I will return the favor.  I will create a permanent link to your site from and you will link to the other site.

If you are interested shoot me an email at and I will send you the URL of the new site.  Don’t bother emailing me if you have a site that is not photography related I will simply delete your email.